What are the features of a LED light bulb?

In a led light bulb the source of light is obtained from light emitting diodes. The beam of light in this type of bulb is very small compared to the beam that is produced by an incandescent bulb. In order to obtain a stronger beam multiple diodes are used.

The initial outlay of an led light bulb is quite high but due to the long life of the led light bulb over an incandescent bulb the cost more or less evens out. It is believed that the life of a led light bulb is about 100,000 hours while that of an incandescent bulb is about half that. When incandescent bulbs are used in many places in a building it leads to the problem of continuously replacing bulbs. This will not be the case if the led light bulb is used. If a led light bulb is fixed in a place that hardly needs the use of light, the led light bulb will hardly need changing.

The led light bulb is noted for its efficacy in power consumption. A well designed LED electrical circuit will harness almost 80 % of its electrical energy to be converted into light energy. The remaining percentage is lost due to heat. This is the reverse of the performance of the incandescent bulb.

Due to the beam of the led light bulb not being very strong they are made up of multiple led diodes. They can operate from any source of current. It is possible to use a led light bulb even with battery power in case there is a need to be mobile.

Normal light bulbs are affected by the bulb being turned on and off constantly. However the led light bulb is not affected in this way and is most suitable for bulbs that are used in areas that need the switch to be continuously put on and off. Led light bulbs contain no mercury and are strong sources of light. Not having breakable glass components and their internal parts well secured the led light bulb is well secured against vibrations and impact.

The led light bulb emits white light. This light uses less electrical energy and is ideal for spaces that need high energy couple with low power usage. For this type of need the bulbs are used as bicycle lampsFree Reprint Articles, flashlights and solar powered garden lights. With the LEDs being compact there is ease in designing light fixtures that could distribute light effectively by the use of small reflectors.

Traffic lights have seen the introduction of led light bulbs that emit coloured light and holiday lights too could use LED lights. This is possible because the normal LED rays are colour rays.


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