What are the Types of LED Lighting

It seems the demand of LED lighting is at the peak. Many people cannot think of exterior decoration without LED lighting. Apart from decoration, LED lighting has many other purposes. But people often seem very confusing to have the perfect set of LED lighting.

Often they spend huge money to have LED lighting but results in wastage just because of not having proper knowledge about the type of such lightings. So, without much ado, let’s know about some of the types of LED lighting:

  • LED Flashlight:
    • Flashlight is also called Torch in small countries in the world. It’s a very handy and powerful light source. They are fueled by a battery. Due to the emergence of LED, the popularity and use of flashlights have been increased a lot. They are not very fuel consuming. They only consume 1 watt or bit more from the power source. To some extent, LED Flashlights are treated as a temporary source of heat.
  • LED Flood Light:
    • Many people often say that, LED Flood Lights are just the alternative of the Sun (as a light source). Well!! To some extent, I think the same thing. If you see any day- night sporting event, you can easily see the presence of LED Flood Light. They are called flood because of the amount of light they provide.
  • LED Fog Light:
    • You all might have known that, LED Fog light are highly used in cars. Yes! This is true. They are used not only because they are fashionable but also they necessary. In some places there is the much reduced amount of visibility. LED Fog lights are often used there.
  • LED Grow Light:
    • LED Grow Lights are simply the best type of LED Lights I believe. Without the presence of these lights, interior decoration is just meaningless. They are used not only because they are decorative but also because they are very essential. They consume less power as a result; it saves some money from your electricity bill.
  • LED Rope Light:
    • These are another fantastic LED Light. They look like real ropes that we use in our everyday life. Now a day, they are highly used in both interior and exterior decoration. The colorful lightings of LED Rope Light can easily attract anyone. They are far better than incandescent rope lights.
  • LED Spotlight:
    • These types of LED lights are often seen in a different restaurant. Like any other spot lights, LED Spot Lights illuminate just a fixed area. Its lighting doesn’t spread at random. They are also very colorful and decorative. Many people are seen use LED Spot Lights in their homes.
  • LED Street Light:
    • LED Street Lights are also called LED Road Lights. Seeing the name, you can easily understand what the purposes of these types of lights are. As they consume less power supply, it is really very important to use these lights to ensure road security at night.
  • LED String Light:
    • LED String lights are another decorative items. They are now highly used in different parties, programs, reunions and social gathering. Business person and respective authorities for restaurant, outdoor stadium, Children’s Park, Theatre etc. are often seen very interest to use these types of lights in their business territory. These truly increase the charm of those places.
  • LED Strip Light:
    • LED Strip lights are made up of a set of LEDs into a strip. Like many other different types of LED Lights, these lights also have different colors. They are very popular now a day because they last for a very long period of time. They are also used in home decoration.
  • LED Tail Light:
    • LED Tail Lights have more longevity than many other types of LED Lights. Another advantage of these lights is that, the works very quickly. So, they can illuminate a certain place very quickly. Many world famous automobile manufactures often use LED tail lights in their products.

There are some other types of LED Lights available in the market. You can easily purchase them from both retail stores and online stores. You have already known the types of LED lights. SoFree Articles, from the very next time make the best use of your knowledge. Buy something that will really help you out.




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