AZEL Mono DBL200 LED lamp


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Dimmable at a touch and removable from its base, the stylish AZEL MONO LED Lamp can double up as mood lighting for your living room or table lighting for romantic alfresco dining. With built-in “Qi” wireless charging technology, you can charge Qi-enabled smartphones simply by placing them on the lamp base.

Model: DBL200
Light Source: LED
Input Voltage: 5VDC/1.5A
Power: 8W
Lumens: 200lm
Color Temperature: Warm white (3000K)
Light Source: LED
Battery Life:
Handheld light (no mains power)
100% brightness: 2 hours
25% brightness: 4 hours

Base: Ø170 mm
96 mm(L) x 50 mm(W) x 368 mm(H)
Weight: 680g (excluding adapter)