JY L250 85W 3C LED Pendant Light (REMOTE)

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Minimalism Collection – Gold finishing 3 Rectangle 3C LED Pendant Light ( Remote)

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Minimalism Collection Gold finishing 3 Rectagular + Crystal Design Acrylic

Minimalism, Simple, Elegance, Contemporarily, Decorative & make cozy ambience. Suitable for Office, Cafe Bar, Home, Dining, Bedroom & All Spaces.


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Model : JY L250-85W-3Color ( c/w Remote Control )

Material : Aluminum + Acrylic

Finishing Color : Gold

Wattage : 85W LED

Measurement  : L 740 mm x H 1200 mm

Color Temp : 3 Color – Daylight 6000K + Cool White 4000K + Warm White 3000K