8009 3C DORAEMON Children LED Wall Light

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Children’s LED Wall Light Collection – Tri-colour DORAEMON

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Children’s LED Wall Light Collection– Tri-Colour DORAEMON on MOON

A wall lamp inspired by a cute and famous Japanese Robot Cat cartoon character ‘DORAEMON’ which is loved all time favourite by many adults and children in worldwide.

This adorable design of wall light is simple, cute and fun as it come with some cool functions. The tri-colour changing mode is making the lovely lamp more interesting as you could switch the light temperature according to your liking at anytime.

Suitable for Children spaces, kids Room, Playroom, Bedroom, theme deco and robot/cat lovers.




* Cute & lovely design

* Tri-Colour (3C)

* Easy to install

* Saved Energy (LED)

* Suitable for all Children spaces.


Model : 8009-3C LED DORAEMON

Measurement : W 610mm x H 450mm x D 100mm

Material : Acrylic Colour

Temperature : Tri-colour (3C) Daylight, Warm white, Cool white


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