Top 10 Lighting Tips

Michael Eberle, a lighting designer featured in Discovery Home Channel’s Houselift, has these tips about lighting:

Lighting should be a functional and integral part of your home's design.

  1. Make sure your lighting design illuminates surfaces, not spaces.
  2. Installing only five fluorescent under-cabinet lights is a chance … you won’t be happy.
  3. Recessed lighting should disappear — the purpose is not to notice it.
  4. If possible, lighting a mirror from both sides is the best option.
  5. Do not let a furniture plan dictate general lighting in a room.
  6. Be creative. Ask if you can swap glass around. Don’t settle for what’s on display! There may be many other options.
  7. If there’s a skylight involved, light for an evening in December, not June.
  8. If you are building a new house, don’t leave lighting until last! There are so many wonderful options that may not be possible if not planned in advance.
  9. Don’t let a price tag put you off; there are lots of affordable good quality choices. Just ask!
  10. Less is more. Overhang is a common error. Don’t forget to use dimmers.


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